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In the center of Wyoming is the seventh largest and fifth most populated Indian Reservation in the United States: the Wind River Reservation, home of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes.
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What is the value of teaching Native American history?
What can be learned about our past, our present, and our future from studying the history and culture of Native Americans?

Why Teach Native American History?

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No Indians or Dogs Allowed, the Miss Indian America Pageant

The Miss Indian America pageant was launched by Sheridan residents in the 1950s to combat discrimination. The story is told through the eyes of Miss Indian America title holders who held a reunion in 2013, serving as grand marshals in the Sheridan WYO Rodeo parade and commemorating a legacy of bridging cultures.

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Major funding for the Wind River Education Project was provided by the Wyoming Legislature. Additional funding was provided by the Matthew & Virgie Dragicevich Wyoming Foundation Trust. © 2016-21 KCWC-TV/WyomingPBS

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If your school blocks YouTube, you can access the Wind River modules here.