Wind River Education

How did the Northern Arapaho come to Wyoming? What are the Arapaho values? Why were Arapaho tribal names changed?

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Wyoming's Native Americans: The Bozeman Trail

Students will learn about the "Clash of Cultures" by watching  a short video from the WyomingPBS documentary "The Bozeman Trail: A Rush to Montana's Gold".
Sensitive: This resource contains material that may be sensitive for some students. Teachers should exercise discretion in evaluating whether this resource is suitable for their class.

  • Lesson Plan 1 - 8th Grade - Northern Arapaho
  • Lesson Plan 2 - 9th-12th Grades - Northern Arapaho

  • Major funding for the Wind River Education Project was provided by the Wyoming Legislature. Additional funding was provided by the Matthew & Virgie Dragicevich Wyoming Foundation Trust. © 2016-21 KCWC-TV/WyomingPBS

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    If your school blocks YouTube, you can access the Wind River modules here.